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Learning Power

Learning Power: South Dakota Online AP courses are available online at the South Dakota Virtual School on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Just the basics

  • Courses are offered free of charge.
  • Schools provide textbooks per local policies.
  • Courses are rigorous. Students need to be properly prepared.
  • Students must have the permission of their school to participate.
  • Courses are taught by qualified instructors.
  • Registration is through the South Dakota Virtual School.

What you need to know

Essential information: Students and parents

Essential information: School officials

Who is behind Learning Power

Learning Power Advanced Placement courses in math, science and English are made possible by the South Dakota Board of Regents (through the Northern State University Center for Statewide E-learning), the South Dakota Department of Education, and Technology and Innovation in Education (TIE).

For more information

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Learning Power Learning Power AP Courses

The seven courses listed below are Learning Power AP courses. They are marked with the Learning Power red leaf throughout the Virtual School website.

Learning Power AP Calculus AB
Learning Power AP English Literature & Composition
Learning Power AP English Language & Composition
Learning Power AP Biology
Learning Power AP Physics I
Learning Power AP Statistics
Learning Power AP Chemistry

To access descriptions of and prerequisites for these courses, click on the "Courses" tab above and search accordingly.