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Remedial Coursework

South Dakota’s Board of Regent universities determine a student’s eligibility for college level courses based on ACT English and mathematic sub-scores. Students with an 18 or higher in English and a 20 or higher in mathematics can register for college level coursework. Students whose ACT scores are below this must take remedial coursework.

SDVS, in partnership with the South Dakota Board of Regents is introducing a new program to assist students in reaching their goal of being college ready. Starting mid-October, districts can register students for remedial course work in the English and math content areas. Students will begin by taking a proctored diagnostic assessment, called Accuplacer. The Accuplacer assessment will then place students into coursework specific to their academic needs. This tailored coursework will be delivered through a program called MyFoundationsLab, and will include online learning modules that provide both instruction and practice in the targeted skill areas. Students who have successfully completed the coursework through MyFoundationsLab according to BOR specifications will no longer be required to take remedial courses at the South Dakota BOR universities. Rather, with direction from their university admissions, students will be able to enroll directly into college level courses.

The program is scheduled to begin January 14, 2013, and ranges in cost from $125-$175. No secondary or postsecondary credit may be awarded for this particular program.

Watch SDVS and SDMyLife for development details.